Jennifer Lopez strips off and kisses Jason Statham in the shower – watch the steamy video


But the year-old actor is over the pain of the split now – dating someone who is not only younger but has the potential to carve out a more successful movie career. For while Brook is in the U. Transformation was obviously the theme yesterday, too, as he took the year-old to dinner at cafe Joan’s On Third in Los Angeles – as she hitched up her dress to give it a different look on the way home. Maxi dresses have become a popular trend this season, and the clingy number is perfect both for Rosie’s figure and for the adjustment she made. She accessorised the dress with a Alexander Wang Coco bag worth around? The couple strolled along without a care in the world, with Statham placing a protective arm around his stunning girlfriend.

Statham golf cart joyride ended by cops

Rogue eventually resurfaces to settle a score of his own, igniting a bloody crime war between Asian mob rivals Chang John Lone of the Triad’s and Yakuza boss Shiro Ryo Ishibashi. When Jack and Rogue finally come face to face, the ultimate truth of their pasts will be revealed. Reyes “Empire” join forces to tell the story of one Latino family’s quest for honor and revenge as the hunted become the hunters in the new thriller “Illegal Tender”.

Wilson De Leon, Jr. Rick Gonzalez is an exceptional college student with an adoring girlfriend, doting mother and a future full of promise. He has never wanted for anything, and he has never been forced to stand his ground.

Jun 27,  · Watch video · Back to reality! Kristin Cavallari has come a long way since her days on The Hills and Laguna Beach. The MTV alum has retired Author: Mandie Decamp.

Entertainment Special, the once-controversial reality star opens up to Giuliana Rancic about her colorful past, her surprising reaction to motherhood, her two engagements to Cutler and what really happened once the cameras stopped rolling on “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills. And in an unexpected turn, the beautiful Cavallari also takes E! Plus she showcases her current career path as a successful fashion designer. See all this, and more, when the E!

Entertainment special “Kristin Cavallari” premieres Sunday, March 10 at We were babies and we didn’t know what we were signing up for. They literally came in and just manipulated situations,” she reveals. She was publicly accused of doing drugs, an accusation she firmly denies as pure fabrication. But was she really? In this brand new special, Kristin spills her secrets about who she really dated and gives viewers the scoop on who was a boyfriend and who was a boy toy.

She talks about her decision to embrace the villainess persona as an acting assignment and play it to the hilt, and where that decision ultimately led her. None of us mattered.

Caught in the Act!

Ex-world champion Fernando Vargas, who has gotten very heavy, walked to the ring with Diaz. The fighters meet in the center of the ring as the bell rings. Pacquiao lands two lefts. Pacquiao is circling and Diaz is moving forward. Diaz lands a combination to the body. Combination to the head and body by Paquiao.

Oct 25,  · Image Source: Getty / Jason LaVeris Kristin Cavallari has come a long way since her infamous early days on Laguna Beach, but her haircut isn’t the Home Country: US.

Ethan and Ashleigh’s first kiss in Scion was this type. Superman rescued her and locked lips with her to keep her from suffocating. Fan Fiction When Shendu who’s possessing Valmont’s body at the time is close drowning in The Ultimate Evil , Valerie dives in for him and reinvigorates him this way. It should be noted that when he comes back to consciousness, she almost kisses him back in relief before she remembers that they have to get to the surface.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Duo: When Nagisa is knocked into an aquarium tank in chapter 8 and nearly drowns, Hanon kisses him to give him air.

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Like no disrespect, eh, but you have nothing on that subspecies of the Canadian male, the beer league hockey manager, who’s got a tougher job of roster construction than the people who will choose our men’s Olympic hockey team. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of managers across Canada and a few in the U. It’s neither here nor there that their teams bear names such as Old Puckers, Rusty Blades, and, true story, the Shawinigan Stranglers inspired by this.

For some time, a primer on the basic beer-leaguer types has been passed along from one e-mail account to another, kind of like a viral legend. It’s time to bring it out of the realm of the personal e-mail account, punch it up a bit so it can belong to the ages. Hopefully the original author will not mind.

Aug 02,  · According to “sources”, The Hills ho Kristin Cavallari has hooked up with Crank hottie Jason Statham.├é┬á Allegedly, the two were seen canoodling during a night out in Hollywood, and.

You know him from kicking all kinds of ass in all kinds of action movies, but Statham was up to all kinds of things before he hit the big screen. He was born in Derbyshire, UK to a dancer and a street merchant. He was an athlete, a model, and even street seller before he got his big break, and yes, he has been arrested. Starring in films like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Mean Machine, and The Transporter, Statham has made himself a burly, brawny, sometimes hard to understand because of his accent household name.

Yes, those are the basic, common bits of knowledge about this buff action star — but as it turns out, there are some lesser-known facts about him that are just as entertaining. Find out more about Statham and his compelling past below. He once starred in a Kit-Kat commercial. In fact, they used to bet on the games, and Ritchie owes him a lot of money. Jason Statham worked as a model before he acted. He starred in a Lee Jeans commercial in

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A Model How many of us knew that Jason Statham was a model before he became an actor? He didn’t like his own smile, so he would pose with a scowl — and this is actually what lead to him being picked for casting by Guy Ritchie, because he looked so tough. The Ad Do you remember his part in Kit-Kat commercial?

Well, if you don’t the here it is, for you. There isn’t any clarity on the year he was born in.

Apr 30,  · Earlier this month, after a night of drinking at the All Points Worldwide Night Visions Oasis party at Coachella in Indio, Calif., Cavallari, 23, joined year-old actor Jason Statham and several.

Which brings us to the picture of the chick with the fish. I Googled “hot chick walking on hot coals” and for some reason this picture came up. There’s any number of punchlines to this picture, but you’re on your own there. Apparently his back to back losses to Keith Jardine and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson don’t sit well with “The Iceman” and he’s decided to cut back his schedule of TV appearances and partying to actually refocus himself of fighting.

Were Liddell a boxer he’d do something like break off a phone call to Teddy Atlas, who’s a genius at motivating fighters, or one of the respected trainers in the game like Emmanuel Steward, Floyd Mayweather, Sr. And the man who’ll get Liddell back to the elite level of fighting? None other than Anthony Robbins. It’s buried in a big piece about some local football coach that’s supposed to be pretty good or something.

Now you may be surprised to hear this, but I think Liddell is on the right track. Infomercials are a great place to find not only advice for professional fighters, but answers to most of the difficult questions of life. Do what Don Lapre did. Just throw up a few “tiny classified ads”, set up a few numbers and sit back and watch the six figure checks start rolling in. For the more ambitious, there’s “no money down” real estate which is a favorite infomercial topic sold by guys like Carlton Sheets.

The best thing about Vu is that he didn’t beat around the bush–he knew what the audience watching his pitch at 4 AM on the local UHF channel wanted.


Johnny Depp “Pirates of the Caribbean” I guess his A- list reality star girlfriend thought things had changed and he would be faithful because he was with someone friends who said they would watch him. My favorite story about this is a friend of mine, a well known actress, doing construction on her house. So she wrote him a whole script

Jason Statham hooked up with Kristin Cavallari on July 16, Jason Statham is currently engaged to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

I took time off when my Late husband David Groh passed away from Kidney cancer, and am back now with it all, Ive been cast in a Co-starring role in a feature film shooting feb I am now beginning what feels like my lifes work a book,a screenplay, a play. As a young starlet I was in the tradition of the Columbia Hollywood Blond. The loveable barmaid on Hogans Heroes. I was crowned “Princess of Hollywood” and Miss Vietnam”Booked to go overseas with uso show, I went onto a Good Morning LA show and by then when asked about Vietnam I told them I had a beautiful young husband there, and I wanted james and all the boys to come home.

Well the chamber of commerce could not take my crown away, but they did say I did not have to ride in the Hollywood Parade and after I had already done tons of radio shows, for the boys in Vietnam, promising them letters would be answered and I would send them a signed picture, and was booked before christmas to come over with the USO, Universal and Columbia, cut off my assitant to help me stuff envelopes, and took away all forth coming funds, to pay for the pictures, not to mention the postage.

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Oct 08,  · Jason Statham and Kristin Cavallari If only this could have been featured on an episode of The Hills. During the summer of , Jason Statham and Kristin Cavallari were seen getting cozy.

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Kristin Cavallari’s Missing Brother: A Timeline

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