Groups urge Dáil to reverse ‘unfair’ cuts to pensions


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It emerged the Irish Congress of Trade Unions has repeatedly warned the Government that people were suffering from the rule change. Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe called pension rules penalising women for leaving the workforce to care for children “bonkers”. But said he did not have the financial resources to address the issue. Now director of the National Women’s Council Orla O’Connor says a gender pension gap of 37pc has been caused by the fact that women have considerably less access to State pensions than men.

Comment – Our long-suffering women deserve more than words, they deserve pension equality Tens of thousands of women get smaller pensions, or sometimes no pension at all, simply because they took time out of the workforce to care for their children, and this is unacceptable, Ms O’Connor added. National president of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association Marie O’Toole said her organisation has received more than 5, signatures on a petition collected by guild members from across Ireland.

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Tuesday 21 June In the course of 10 days, 10, dogs and cats will be slaughtered and eaten. They will spend their last days in tiny cages. The event has upset many, and over 11 million have signed a petition to put a stop to it. And I wish that dogs and cats were not the only creatures to make us question eating meat. It seems that many only care about an animal when they can imagine it sitting on their lap.

Footage shows dogs ready to be slaughtered in Yulin The fact is that there are many animals to care about. Chickens, pigs, lambs and cows — albeit, less cute – all deserve the same consideration that humans give to dogs. We will always be inconsistent in our beliefs – one of the most common arguments used in the West to justify eating some animals over others is intelligence. And yes, Spot the dog can catch a ball — but did you know that Percy the pig could outperform a three-year-old child on a cognition task?

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Outrage over the Yulin dog meat festival shows Western hypocrisy at its worst

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The find resets the timeline of agriculture in the region, with fermented dairy products being made a mere five centuries after milk was first stored. But its innovation was more than just a culinary milestone for dairy connoisseurs — it could have been a life saver. A team of researchers from across the US, the UK, and Croatia analysed ceramic fragments excavated from two Neolithic sites on the Dalmatian Coast for indications of the food items they once contained. Archaeological data shows people have been growing crops and raising livestock in the region for roughly 8, years.

Key to understanding the cultural shifts during this time are the bits of pottery they left behind. Not only do the ceramic pieces hold onto traces of material it came into contact with, their structure can say a lot about influences of aesthetics and design. One example is something called Impressed Ware , named for the simple shell-like impressions used to decorate the clay. They form one of the earliest forms of pottery in the area.

This isn’t all that surprising. While many adults developed an intolerance to lactose , milk could still nourish young children. Storing it in pottery could have been an important step in helping get through tough times when food was scarce. One fancy example is called Danilo , often inscribed with designs that link it with other cultures across the Mediterranean.

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