Former mayor of Nizhny Novgorod charged with receiving $1 million bribe


Petersburg City Tour around St. Petersburg We begin our sightseeing in the Venice of the North, so called as it sits on islands linked by bridges. This watery location gives the city an elegance and calmness not always found in Russian cities. Our in-depth sightseeing program today takes us to the Peter and Paul fortress, built in the early eighteenth century to keep out the Swedes and later a political prison. The church was built between and , its construction funded by the Imperial family. Petersburg Visit to the Hermitage The Hermitage is our focus today, a world-class art museum containing over three million works of art from masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Picasso and many others. Day 4 Mandrogi Free Time in the Village A small village settled since the 18th century, Mandrogi was once a mill town and fishing village. The villagers will welcome us with a cultural show, after which we can explore the cobbled streets with their traditional wooden cottages. Our stop will include a traditional lunch of shashlik shish kebab before we reboard the ship in the afternoon to continue our voyage.

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But yes, you do need a visa for Russia even if you are just travelling for a few days. If it has been that long since you traveled anywhere that needs more than your ID a common thing among Europeans, I have to say let me refresh your memory: A visa is simply an authorization that Russia grants you to enter, remain, and exit the country.

And all foreigners need them, regardless of the country of origin. So how hard is it to get a visa for Russia? Well, I will take a wild guess and assume that since you are reading this you come from somewhere in the West.

Nizhny Novgorod (Russian: Ни́жний Но́вгород, IPA: [ˈnʲiʐnʲɪj ˈnovɡərət]), colloquially shortened to Nizhny, is a city in Russia and the administrative center (capital) of Volga Federal District and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

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Migration authorities said that Laura Sumner, a PhD student at Nottingham University, had infringed rules by travelling on a commercial visa when she was not engaged in business. The year-old was brought before Sormovo district court in Nizhny Novgorod, miles east of Moscow, on Wednesday and ordered to leave the country within 10 days. Laura Sumner She was only found guilty of a minor infringement but LifeNews, a popular website with ties to the Russian security services, reported the incident with the headline, “Nizhny Novgorod court expels an English spy from Russia”.

Nizhny Novgorod was founded on the confluence of the two great Russian rivers – the Volga and the Oka – by Prince Yuri Vsevolodovich in as a strong standpoint of defending the Russian frontiers from Mordvinians, Cheremisians and Tatars.

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Nizhniy Novgorod is known for its Romance as well – just take a moonlit stroll along the Verhnevolzhskaya embankment and you will see couples professing their love in the shadow of the mighty Volga River.

Help kids We would like to invite all our clients to support our action and Help kids! If you are able to donate some small items such as a toy, clothing, shoes or kitchen utensils? If you leave it at our office, we will send it to an orphanage, soup kitchen, school or hospital. We appreciate the assistance of the International Women’s Club: Moscow is a huge city in every sense — as a soviet architectural utopia turned into reality and as one of the biggest cities in the world.

Its size raises just one question – how elastic is the material Moscow is made of, i. The city was designed in concentric circles around the ancient Kremlin, with streets and boulevards stretching from the center. As in a labyrinth, no matter where you choose to go you will finally find yourself in the Red Square at the Kremlin wall.

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It is reachable via the metro. The main hall of the train station is beautiful and includes a chandelier as well as soviet-style mosaics symbolizing the life of Russian people. It is of little interest for tourists and mostly serves commuter trains. Trains are generally cheaper if purchased in advance. Suburban commuter trains connect Nizhny Novgorod with towns within km of the city.

The airport serves over 1. The airport is connected to the city by public transport including buses 11, 20, T , T The journey by public transport to the city centre takes approximately 1 hour. A taxi ride takes around 30 minutes and should cost under RUB1, if negotiated in advance. By bus[ edit ] There are several stops for buses arriving in Nizhny Novgorod; however, departing buses leave from either Kanavinskaya bus station, near the railroad station, for buses going to points north and west, and the main bus station Avtovokzal near pl.

Lyadova, for the buses going to points south and east. Buses are generally uncomfortable and slower than the trains. By boat[ edit ] Turflot , Infoflot , and many other companies operate multi-day river cruises down the Volga from early May to the end of September. Many companies operate ferries between Moscow and Astrakhan , with stops at most cities along the Volga River.

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